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Consulting Astrology About When Not to Have a Surgical Operation
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Should I reschedule? I am waiting for my clearance for laparoscopic surgery,once released be getting a schedule to have it done, but I do not know how to get the best date. I was born July 29, Valerie: I also got a bad date from Molly's Astrology; now called wiseskiesastrology. She was super rude and did not fulfill her obligations regarding the reading, as a personal consult was promised to "ask and answer questions". She acted annoyed that I had questions, refused to answer, stating they were "high level astrology", ie I couldn't understand?

I am scheduled to have surgery on May 10th of in the morning and we are going through a Mercury retrograde should I reschedule and what date should I reschedule for thank you.

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My ex husband had an Aries friend who was very dismissive and condescending that I am a professional astrologer. He hated his fiance getting a consultation with me. Called it mumbo jumbo con artist crap. Well, I saw his knee surgery had two dates to pick. One was during a Gemini moon in Gemini.

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My husband and his elderly dad and the girlfriend all begged him not to pick the full moon date. Being stubborn Aries Leo rising he had to prove that astrology is not relevant to modern life. He ended up with multiple complications, a transfusion and the premature end to what had been a record breaking weightlifting career. Now he doesn't try to stop her from readings.

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He just wants to know if I give any specific date or situations where he should duck. I am not smug. I feel awful the bone head didn't hear me out about full moons and medical science. I sure wasn't gonna try to persuade him with talk about transits or aspects.

Enjoyed your info as I research where the planets were on May 14th Over a year later I'm writing an article on hubpages on what happened with my surgery as the full moon left Scorpio then went void of course for 10 hours then mix in mars retrograde along with Saturn conjunct the full moon a few hours earlier while it was retrograde plus Pluto was retrograde and squaring Venus. It was the perfect storm when I had emergency surgery on my left knee. Thank you for your article, ggbaba. Add Your Comment RJ, not that all tests during void moon are wrong.

If moon is not so favorable, then probability of an error can be higher. Also, you need to remember your mindset at that time too. Mind and moon go very close. So if your mindset at that time was fine, then error is not likely. I had a major medical examination done about a month ago i. I only realized after the test that the moon was void during the test.

Now, I'm a bit scared that the test might have missed something important because the moon was void. Does anyone know whether something can come out negative during a void moon, when in fact there is actually something there? Just to note, Molly at north node astrology not only gave me a bad day, one that she herself admitted was bad after the fact, but was arrogant and prideful when I brought it to her attention. Thankfully I was wise enough to look in to the day through other means and did not get the surgery.

I would like to have a face lift at the end of Sep.

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Are there optimal signs for the moon to be in for surgery on certain organs or is it just important to avoid the signs which rules those organs. A relative needs to have surgery to remove liver tumors and also a hysterectomy at the same time. So I worked out avoiding times when the moon is in scorpio and cancer as well as making sure it is waning are best but I am not sure about the retrograde thing.

Is there anything else to note? Moon void of course is when the Moon has made its last aspect in one sign and has not yet made an aspect in the new sign. The Moon is always in one sign or another, but may not yet be making contact with another planet.

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Consulting Astrology About When Not to Have a Surgical Operation

Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Why the Moon? The surgeon's hands should be steady, and no further complications should arise. Avoid surgeries during a Mars retrograde or a Mercury retrograde. Mars is the planet that rules surgeons, so when it goes retrograde, the surgeon may not be at their steadiest or performing their best. A heavy loss of blood can occur during a Mars retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it goes retrograde, it can mean confusion, miscommunication, mistakes, and mix-ups. Re-schedule an appointment if it falls on a Moon's void-of-course day.

I know this one from personal experience. The Moon is void-of-course when it has left one sign and has yet to enter another.

It is NOT a day for action; nothing will happen. You will end up having to go back and re-do it, something will end up getting in the way, or at the very least- nothing will come of it; no result. If you start a project during this time, it may not succeed or ever develop.

The Moon needs to be in a sign in order for action to take place; no sign means no action. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Hi, i have a BA surgery on sept Is it in retrograde or anything? Not sure why don't you contact a medical astrologer! Hello GG Baba, your advice will be greatly appreciated. My husband is having knee replacement what days in November or December are the best. Gallbladder polyps i am not going for surgery no matter what. Hello, having 2 back surgery on Monday 21 eclipse I am a leo with a libra rising and Gemini moon should I have the back surgery on 5L 4L please let me know as soo as possible.

Thank you Rebecca.

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What is a god time to have sinus surgrey in August for my husband. GG Baba: how are you doing? II i am planning to have an operation on omy neck goiter this coming months or year.

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