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Sometimes you get to choose your course; other times the universe does it for you, as it does now. This year continues to offer you opportunities to meet a partner and to put a relationship onto a lasting footing. However, if you are in that aforementioned age group or have an April birthday, the path to true love has many twists and turns. Love affairs that begin with great promise may sputter out and relationships that have lasted years could suddenly end. In large part this is because you are changing and require different qualities from and experiences with a partner.

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Mid-May and mid-and-late October are electrically charged, whether they ignite a passion like no other or reduce a relationship to cinders. You can make good money in It is a particularly good year for investments, as long as you take the view that the time of plenty is not going to last forever. Take your gains, collect your winnings, and run! It is also a good year for technology and expanding your IT skills.

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The safe option is probably not as safe as you believe, and the ability to diversify and the preparedness to take a risk are going to help you maintain a steady course in an increasingly topsy-turvy world. Release your grip. The more you hang onto things, the more likely they are to disappear. The freer you are the greater your options and your opportunities.

And it is oh so true. You can surmount any obstacle in your path, Taurus, but your fear of losing what you have is going to prevent you from making decisions that would change your life for the better. You do not have a choice about certain events that occur in , but you do decide what to do next. Astrolutely Fabulous!

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The Week Ahead for Taurus. Monday, 2 December — Sunday, 8 December. Get it in perspective. The Month Ahead for Taurus. December Rejuvenate your bones by changing up your routine. Hit the hay a few hours earlier in the evening and wake up early in the morning. Waking up early will help get you back into the structure and regimen that school will soon bring. A former crush is looking pretty good these days. You may be reluctant in pursuing this relationship because of past issues between you both. Lightly dip your toes in the water to see if you wish to rekindle the flame. The truth is that you will never know what you want unless you sample the situation and put some feelers out there.

Chances are that they feel the same way about you. You may choose to spend hours FaceTiming with your parents — willfully opting to miss out on parties and shenanigans. This may create a great awakening within, prompting you to take a public stance on matters. Prepare yourself for a Twitter argument and fight the patriarchy one tweet at a time. Words have power. With the start of the school year comes the inevitable journey to the campus bookstore.

Before you max out your credit card buying textbooks or squander all your summer savings, look over your finances to see if you can afford to purchase these items. Rather than spend extra on campus, try an alternative approach.

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You would not enjoy your work during this time; your self-esteem and confidence level may go down. A former crush is looking pretty good these days. April 20—May 20 A former crush is looking pretty good these days. Note: is NOT the year for excessive caution. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope.

Renting your textbooks may be more affordable and perhaps borrowing from a friend can help to alleviate financial pressures. Just be creative and inventive. Back to life, back to reality!

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Did the arrival of spring may inspire nostalgia in you, Taurus? Think back over to March 5th, and consider the lessons that you learned. Taurus weekly horoscope - 25 Nov , Monday - 1 Dec , Sunday. confmerfomi.tk 6 days ago a close up of a logo: Taurus horoscope.

October 23—November 21 Your summer fun may be coming to a close, making you dwell on days gone by and yearn for more chances to celebrate the season. A bout of extravagance could make you feel better. LEO July 24 - Aug 23 This is one of those fine moments when you seem to be able to get on with other people so much better, but only if you put their interests first. The fact is that you have so much to learn by following their lead. At work, it's time to pick up a new skill. You never know when it will come in handy!

It may be boring to take part in a hobby which doesn't interest you. It may even be downright tedious. However, just think of the emotional credit you'll gain!

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